LATimes internship: Rejection by numbers

When another contributor to this blog posted a rejection from the MetPro/LAT training internship, I had thought the letter looked familiar. Going back through my rejection archives, I discovered that the two letters - sent more than two years apart and written by the same man - are eerily similar.
Below the LATimes summer 2007 internship rejection letter, I've attached a copy of the 2009 MetPro/LAT rejection letter with the copied wording bolded.

Chronicle for Higher Education

Straightforward letter from a niche publication that often publishes really, really good reporting. Has a real, handwritten signature on it.

Newsweek: Unpaid and impersonal

Been sifting through the rejection archives. To send in your rejection letters (anonymity guaranteed) forward e-mails or scans to
This Newsweek internship was unpaid and in New York in early 2008. Not getting the internship saved me a few thousand dollars.
I like that the letter contains the phrase "We need smart, committed people like you in our profession." In future cover letters, I'm going to find a way to work this in, the same way movie ads will take positive adjectives from movie critics and splash them across the page in big bold letters:

"Smart," "committed."
-Mark Miller, Newsweek Assistant Managing Editor