Random House: Impersonal prose

From: Random House <cyoc.processing@bertelsmann.com>
To: [Name redacted]
Sent: [xxxx] February [xxx] 2010 x:xx xx]
Subject: Your Application at Random House

Dear [Name],
Thank you very much for your application and for your interest in
the Publicity Assistant position.

Unfortunately, this position has been filled.  Please continue to
review our open positions online and apply to those that are of
interest to you. Thank you again for your interest in employment
with Random House.

Random House Human Resources
Short and to the point, but nothing especially wrong with this rejection. I just don't
understand why more companies cannot even provide a simple form letter like this to
rejected applicants. Probably half of the companies people are applying to these days
won't even demonstrate this small common courtesy to their applicants, so it's refreshing
to see a large corporation like Random House making that small effort to bring a small
bit of closure to a process that never really ends.