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Hill, Bill Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 12:20 AM
Thank you for your interest in’s summer internship program for associate reporters. We had more than 400 applicants for 30 slots. We reviewed your resume, clips and essay, but unfortunately, you were not selected.

If you are still a student next Fall, you will be eligible for our 2010 internship program. In that case, I would encourage you to continue to gain more journalism experience and then apply again in November.

Again, thank you again for sharing your information with us and best wishes in your future career endeavors.
Bill Hill
Assistant Managing Editor/
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This is supposed to be an incredible opportunity, but I wouldn't know; that's two years in a row that I have been rejected. They don't even seem to be trying as hard anymore, as last year's rejection came by snail mail and this year they resort to a mass email. Glad to know that I am loved.

I bet that if I started taking performance-enhancement drugs to improve my writing, MLB would welcome me with open arms.